Andalamma was born to an affluent family. She was educated at a time when female literacy was frowned upon by the society. Throughout her school life she wanted nothing more than to bring about social awareness among the people. Even as a child she felt deeply for the plight of the needy.

Having been widowed at a very young age, Andalamma rebelled against the norms of the given time, when she decided to tie the knot with the chivalrous judge, Sir Mutha.

Together with her husband, she set about to enrich and empower the lesser privileged. The Madras Seva Sadan is a result of this love for the greater good. In the vast grounds of this noble institute, all the care and endeavours of Andalamma began to take shape.

Lady Andal was the pillar who stood her ground in order to help anyone in need. The Madras Seva Sadan and the institutes under it flourished as a result of Lady Andal’s nurturing personality. She became a mother figure, always taking keen interest in everyone around her. Under her firm guidance, The Madras Seva Sadan grew in leaps and bounds; it is now one of the most noticeable names in society.

Lady Andal worked tirelessly, whether it was breaking barriers related to caste, creed, religion and social stigma or organizing events for The Madras Seva Sadan.

During the years while The Madras Seva Sadan was growing from strength to strength, Lady Andal took part in various welfare activities across the state, which included:

Chairman: Reception Committee of the Fourth Madras Constituent Conference of Women on Educational Reform.

President: The Nurses Association.

The Nurses Club - 1928.
Old Girl’s Association of the Presidency High School.
The Society for the protection of Cow and Animals Madras 1928 - 1930.
The Music Academy.

Honorary Secretary:
The Madras Children’s Aid Society.

Lady Andal was honored with very prestigious awards – the King George’s Medal, the Kaiser-i-Hind Medal and the Padma Bhushan – all for her outstanding work in social welfare. Humble to the very end, she will always be remembered for inspiring young women to reach greater heights. Lady Andal School is named after her, to not just honour this great soul, but to carry her name with pride.