Visual Art

The Art programme stresses on the importance of taking care of tools and materials and using them safely and responsibly without wastage.

An understanding and appreciation of one’s own artwork, reflection and solving artistic problems using a variety of tools, materials, 3D media and techniques and developing proficiency with a preferred medium is the expectation by the end of the programme.

Students will begin to think and behave like artists. They will develop a sensitivity to artistic works and appreciate art as a form of communication


At Lady Andal, music plays an important role in bringing out the creative streak in a student.

Whether it is individual or in collaboration with the POI, this platform gives our students a chance to explore into their artistic and musical talent. We encourage student initiated creations and present them with opportunities to better themselves in this art form.

We believe that every child can be encouraged with innovative thinking and the understanding that there could be more than one tune which can be researched upon.