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We are looking for educators who will explore with the students, the endless possibilities of Learning! Would you like to transform young minds? Then join our team on this adventure.


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I have been an educator for over 25 years in Lady Andal School. I have grown with the school and feel extremely fortunate to work with a team which is supportive and motivating. We work together to make sure students get the best quality of education for their all-round development. Even though the curriculum has changed over the years, I am confident that learning comes from our ability to build relationships with our students and to be able to evolve with the times. Both of which are flagships of this institution. I am honoured to be a part of this institution which has literally made it for me “A home away from home”.

Ms. Purnima Sharma PYP II HRT

'To make a difference, one child at a time’ is a statement that I have found myself dwelling on ever since I began teaching. Teaching always felt like a healthy exchange of thoughts between students and teachers, irrespective of their age and I’ve come to believe that we’d be able to see a holistic development in children when learning is kept this way. Having worked in Lady Andal for almost a year now, I must admit that the teachers team is a safe space for anybody to learn, thrive and flourish in. The team being a heterogenous one, with highly experienced teachers and new age teachers, there’s always an atmosphere to learn from each other. The best part is, we become kids, when we’re around each other!

Ms. Ishwarya Sunkara PYP IV

Some of my best memories growing up were of school-this school, to be exact. I am incredibly fortunate to teach at the school I loved, and alongside some of my old teachers too! The flexibility of the IB PYP curriculum empowers us teachers to be able to inspire, and be inspired by our learners interests and questions- and in that way encourages our students to take ownership of their own learning on a daily basis. My experience of teaching at the Lady Andal School can be summed up with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt - “the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” And to that I would like to add, “alongside an amazing team”.

Ms. Madhulika Nandakumar EYP II

After doing your typical run-of-the-mill corporate job for nearly 5 years and feeling deeply incomplete, I decided I was going to teach. How hard could it be? In my head, it was going to be easy and wonderful in equal measure. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I had completely underestimated both - how hard it was going to be as well the absolute and complete feeling of satisfaction and wonder it brings you. As teachers, your support systems are everything - this includes your fellow teachers, principals, coordinators and at Lady Andal, I found the most wonderful support system. Lady Andal ensures that the kids are at the centre of every decision and we always accommodate ourselves around their needs. As I spend time in the diverse environment of Lady Andal, we can see ourselves learning to be better teachers every day for our children and I find measures set for the ease and wonders of teaching finding aligning.

Ms. Shreya Karumanchi PYP V